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Su 5.6.2023 3:06 pm


Veselé paničky windsorské, Michal Novotný (Tintítko), Bolek Polívka (Falstaff),,  Viktor Kronbauer, source: © AGENTURA SCHOK

Komedie omylů, PaS de Théâtre, Petr Sýkora (Antifolus syrakuský), Tereza Dočkalová (Luciana),  Radovan Šťastný, source: © PaS de Théâtre

Bouře, Jan Tříska (Kaliban),  Viktor Kronbauer, source: © AGENTURA SCHOK

Kateřina Holánová (Luciana), Lucie Trmíková (Adriana),  © Viktor Kronbauer, source: © AGENTURA SCHOK

David Steigerwald (Seržant), David Suchařípa (Solnius, vévoda efezský),  Viktor Kronbauer, source: © AGENTURA SCHOK

Summer Shakespeare Festival introducing on the open-air productions of William Shakespeare is the biggest and oldest festival of this kind in Europe. Even thought production are mainly in Czech and Slovak, noted play and magic atmosphere of summer production at time-honoured castles entice theatre-goers from all countries around the world.

This year the festival will take the place from 21st of June until beginning of September, namely in Czech Republic and in Slovakia. First stage stays exclusive space of Supreme Burgrave´s House at Prague castle, but productions are also in Brno, Bratislava, Ostrava and Košice. There is also second stage in Prague, at court of Lichtenstejnsky palace at Small Town square direct in the heart of historical Prague.

Main speciality of this year will be comedy THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR directed by Jiří Menzel, brilliant film maker and well respected stage artist. Sparkling translation to Czech was created by Martin Hilský. As free-liver knight Jan Falstaff we will see Bolek Polívka, outstanding actor, author and entertainer, shrewd Lady Pažoutova is debonaire like Simona Stašová herself.

Festival introduces also many of others plays by Shakespeare, of which namely MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING and A MIDSUMMER NIGHT´S DREAM performed by BRITISH SHAKESPEARE COMPANY in English (Prague Castle, 21.-23.8.) deserves your attention: our repertoire and programme.

Advance booking for all this year´s productions starts in middle of April throught

We are looking forward seeing you!

AGENTURA SCHOK, spol. s r.o., organizer