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AGENTURA SCHOK, spol. s r.o.Agentura SCHOK, pořadatel Letních shakespearovských slavností, logo

Vikářská 39
119 00 Praha 1
Phone: +420 220 514 275, fax 220 514 278

Festival producers: Daniel Bartek, Evžen Hart
Festival director: Michal Rychlý
Artistic director: Libor Gross
Spokeswoman and PR manager: Magdalena Bičíková

Head of production: Lenka Beránková
 Tereza Kalenská

Agency production: Vendula Štíchová, Veronika Rousková

AGENTURA SCHOK is known primarily as the organizer of The Summer Shakespeare Festival, an open air theatre festival which takes place at castles in Prague, Brno, Bratislava, Ostrava, and Košice. It is under the administration of the agency that the festival has acquired its present-day quality and scope.

In 2004 AGENTURA SCHOK won the selection procedure for the lease of the area of the Supreme Burgrave´s House. The agency plans to turn the area into a yearlong cultural-information centre after having accomplished its large-scale and generous reconstruction. The Burgrave´s House regularly hosts attractive exhibitions organized and co-organized by the agency.

Until October 17th, 2009, the Burgrave´s House is hosting the exhibition The curse of the gold - 1000 years of Inca gold.

All year long AGENTURA SCHOK organizes various cultural, social, and promotion events for prominent firms and institutions. The agency provides these with complex services - from designing the space and proposing and carrying out programme of quality to extra services (technical equipment, sound, light design, staff, catering, invitations, etc). The agency traditionally organizes the event according to the client’s vision and preferences; it is, however, capable of presenting its own creative solution based on the respective budget.

Types of events organized by AGENTURA SCHOK:

  • social gatherings
  • gala meetings with important clients
  • Christmas parties
  • company presentations
  • special music and theatre projects
  • sport days, etc.

Abundant contacts the agency has established primarily in theatre and music sphere, stable co-operation with prominent companies, connections to promotion and advertising specialists, as well as its connection to the exclusive spaces of the Prague Castle (besides the ancient Burgrave´s House also the restaurant Vikárka) make AGENTURA SCHOK a reliable and experienced partner capable of fulfilling even the most demanding clients´ visions.

Among the clients of AGENTURA SCHOK are such companies as f. ex.: Skupina PPF, Home Credit, Ernst&Young, Ogilvy, Česká pojišťovna, HVB Bank. AGENTURA SCHOK also co-operate with Nadačním fondem manželů Livie a Václava Klausových.

A special part of our offer is constituted by PR services of diverse cultural events. These are provided by the agency’s PR specialist Magdalena Bičíková.