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David Suchařípa (Solnius, vévoda efezský),  Viktor Kronbauer, source: © AGENTURA SCHOK

Boris Hybner (První kupec),  © Viktor Kronbauer, source: © AGENTURA SCHOK

Jitka Čvančarová (Adriana), Jana Stryková (Luciana),  Viktor Kronbauer, source: © AGENTURA SCHOK

Zdeněk Žák (Angelo, zlatník), Martin Pechlát (Antifolus syrakuský),  Viktor Kronbauer, source: © AGENTURA SCHOK

Marcela Holubcová (Prostitutka),  © Viktor Kronbauer, source: © AGENTURA SCHOK

William Shakespeare

The comedy of errors

Being one of Shakespeare’s early plays it is also the shortest of all his pieces. A farce about two sets of identical twins is not only based on verve, rhythm, and irresistible fun, but also on sophisticated play with contrasts and paradoxes – one of Shakespeare’s strong points. Moreover, The Comedy of Errors is also a brilliant commentary on the relationship of women and men, on the role of their love, respect and on the blending of the two sexes.

“In a way, The Comedy of Errors is a crazy carousel of the lost and found“, comments the translator of the play, MARTIN HILSKÝ. “Are we really who we think we are? And do the others think us to be the same who we think ourselves to be? And if they don’t, does it mean that we are who they think us to be or are we still who we think ourselves to be?” these are the questions Hilský asks, together with Shakespeare. And as the author of the piece was an ingenious one, so do, for centuries already, ask thousands of spectators while laughing.

Ivan Rajmont, a director who works mostly for the National Theatre in Prague, has directed the play as a meeting of the western civilisation with the oriental “Babel”. The visual stylisation and excellent cast including, in the first place, MARTIN PECHLÁT and FILIP RAJMONT, and a strong team of women actresses, make the performance more than attractive.

Dates - programme

July 8th, 2008
(Prague – The Music Academy of Performing Arts)


William Shakespeare
Comedy of Errors
Martin Hilský
Ivan Rajmont
Martin Černý
Irena Greifová

David Suchařípa
Zdeněk Maryška
Martin Pechlát
Filip Rajmont
Milan Stehlík
Zdeněk Žák,
Martin Hofmann
Rudolf Stärz
Boris Hybner
Pavel Nečas
David Steigerwald
Radka Fiedlerová
Marie Spurná
Jitka Čvančarová,
Lucie Trmíková
Kateřina Holánová,
Jana Stryková,
Zuzana Vejvodová
Marcela Holubcová
Directed by
Scenic design
Costume design

Solinus, the Duke of Ephesus
Egeon, a merchant of Syracuse
Antipholus of Ephesus, Antipholus of Syracuse
Dromio of Ephesus, Dromio of Syracuse
Balthazar, a merchant
Angelo, a goldsmith

Doctor Pinch, a conjurer
First merchant
Second merchant
Lady Abbess, wife of Egeon

Adriana, wife of Antipholus of Ephesus

Luciana, her sister